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The Republic of Ireland’s announced yet more measures to support its tormented banking industry. The government said it would invest EUR3.5 billion in each of Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank, the country’s two largest banks.

Is General Motors and Chrysler in merger talks? This rumour was doing the rounds again yesterday, following a report in the WSJ. GM denied this was the case, with a spokesperson stating ” I can say unequivocally we are not in any merger talks with Chrysler”.

Woolworth’s was about to celebrate its 100th birthday this year, but instead of appointing party organizers to celebrate its century long history of success it had to appoint administrators after a vain last minute attempt to sell stores to raise cash.

Iceland’s stock market index (OMX Iceland 15 Index) has hit rock bottom, losing 77.22% of its value in a single day. Iceland’s benchmark index last value was standing at 3004.62, when regulators decided to halt trading

Regulators halt stock trading in emerging-market exchanges. Is this for real? Further turmoil, instability and more less of everything (cash, investments, credit) is the emerging markets world’s response to greedy Wall Street today.

Fannie and Freddie – it sounds like the title of happy Disney family movie, but yet to many these two names are the equivalent of a horror film they do not necessarily want to watch.

The global credit crunch is now taking a bite of office lease rents. The mortgage meltdown is finally reaching its tentacles into commercial real estate both in the US and in the UK.

Investment banks and other financial institutions have been bombarding the world with losses reports for the past several months.

When the numbers do the talk… see below a list of the most important equity indices from around the world…