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February 25, 2008

“Bitter-Sweet” News from Cadbury

Cadbury announced full year 2007 results that were more or less in line with analysts’ expectations. Revenue income increased to £7.97 billion, a 7% increase year over year. However, operating profit decreased by 2%, and now stands at £788 million, affected negatively mainly by currencies.

For 2008, Cadbury expects its Confectionary business to have organic sales growth between 4 and 6%. For 2007, organic sales growth was 7%. Cadbury is confident that they can improve margins following price increases and cost cutting.

Bitter-sweet news for chocolate lovers, but also for the “purple” company’s employees… as there rumours that the company might as well proceed to closure of 15% of its factories worldwide and cut about 7,800 jobs.

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