Trading Ban for Societe Generale – after fraudulent trading losses

Societe Generale, France’s second largest bank by market value, uncovers a 4.9 billion euros ($7.1 billion) trading fraud. Institutional clients were eager to announce a trading ban with Societe Generale in all asset classes, until further clarification on this single future trader’s fraudulent trade and the actual losses.






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  1. Angelos Taplatzidis Avatar
    Angelos Taplatzidis

    1995 Nick Leeson Barings Bank £827 million Nikkei Indet Futures 6.5 years
    1995 Toshihide Iguchi Resona Holdings £557 million Treasury Bonds 4 years
    1996 Yasuo Hamanaka Sumitomo Corp. $2.6 billioni Copper 8 years
    2002 John Rusnak Allied Irish Banks £350 million FX options 7.5 years
    2003-2004 Luke Duffy National Australia Bank AU$360 millioin FX options 16 months
    2006-2008 Jerome Kerviel Societe Generale €4.9 billion European Stock Indext Futures We will see..

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