Greek Banks News Update September 2009

bankmanAlpha Bank announced on the 31st of August the completion of the sale of treasury shares. The bank confirmed it has sold through almost 1.50% of the bank’s issued common voting shares to an institutional investor through a private placement. Over 6 million treasury shares were transferred to the institutional investor at a sale price of 12.12 euro per each share.

Piraeus Bank announced the launch of a new bond issue that totals 500 million Euros. On the 9th of September, the bank published a press release which claims the great success of the new 3 year senior bond issue. The bond was issued under Piraeus Bank’s Euro Medium Term Note programme and it was accepted with great interest by the international markets.

In just a few hours the orderbook was oversubscribed by 1.5 times (730 million Euros). Almost 65% of the total amount was finally allocated to international investors from 20 different countries.

The new 3 year bond is a fixed rate note with a coupon of 4% and shall be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The transaction was lead-managed by Barclays, Citigroup Natixis and UBS.






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